Accelerate Your Brand

New Products/Innovation

We help our clients to launch better products, faster, adapting our services according to each client's needs. From analyzing the competition and identifying the "white space" to coordinating idea generation, research, development and product launches, Brand Drivers offers proven solutions for the entire new products process or any part thereof.
  • Analyses of category & competition
  • Ideation management
  • Concept writing
  • Qualitative research management
  • Quantitative research management
  • Volume projections
  • Timelines
  • Project management
  • Launch plan development & management
  • Channel-specific executions
  • Key measures and milestones
For smaller to medium sized companies, Brand Drivers can establish a lasting new products process to be used for ongoing innovation.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is both a science and an art and Brand Drivers provides proven support to achieve the best positioning for your brand(s). From understanding the needs of your consumers/customers to presenting your brand in a manner that is relevant and compelling, Brand Drivers can help you to position your brand to stand out from the competition and maximize your launch/relaunch efforts.
  • Market analysis
  • Examination of current brand equity
  • Ideation management
  • Qualitative positioning research management
  • Quantitative positioning research management
  • Positioning recommendation and rationale
  • Launch plan development
  • Packaging design management
  • Coordination of launch/relaunch
  • Key measures and milestones

Project Management

Assign us one of your hard-to-get-to projects and expect timely results. We are experienced project managers who are accountable, motivated and able to manage a wide range of strategic and tactical projects. This enables our clients to accomplish significantly more, without adding overhead, and provides them with more time to manage their businesses. Regardless of project size or scope, Brand Drivers provides an effective and efficient solution.
  • General project management
  • Research management
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Volume projections
  • Promotion analyses
  • Recommendations / P.O.V. documents
  • Agency search coordination
  • Presentation outlines and drafts

Marketing Planning

Brand Drivers has developed and executed successful marketing plans for national and regional brands alike, across various categories and industries. Our experience enables us to help our clients with any or all aspects of their marketing plans. From analyses to strategies to rough drafts, we enable our clients to create their desired plans faster and with additional insights.
  • Analyses of category, competition and brand performance
  • Identification of new trends and insights
  • Facilitation of planning meetings
  • Drafts of strategies
  • Evaluation of potential marketing programs
  • Draft of full plan
  • Post analyses

Strategic Planning

Brand Drivers offers a comprehensive strategic planning process to help ensure the right strategies for the desired results. As expert facilitators, we are able to help our clients to consolidate their thinking, work through difficult topics, and gain critical alignment. Whether co-managing the planning process, facilitating meetings or writing initial drafts, Brand Drivers makes the strategic planning process more efficient and cohesive.
  • Analyze market trends and company trends
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Facilitation of meetings
  • Drafts of mission/vision and strategies
  • Draft of full plan
  • Manage/co-manage planning process